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Kylie is a proud mom to her son, Hayden. She enjoys riding horses and roping. When she is not helping others at the clinic, she is a stock contractor in her free time.

Fun Fact: She is an Auctioneer!

Quinton is an Agricultural Leadership major at Texas Tech. He will be graduating in August 2018. He has a Blue Heeler named Dirk.

Fun Fact: His nickname is the "Sloth"

Ashton Parker

Cheyenne Norris

Tiffany Graves

A mother of two, a little girl Kayce and a son named Klelle, who enjoys the ability to care for others and their animals. She has 3 fur babies at home. She also enjoys watching her husband "Worm" rope on the weekends.

Fun Fact: Cheyenne was a cheerleader in college at UTPB in Odessa!

Quinton Whitfield

Brandi has been with us since December of 2017. She is happily married to her husband Derek of 4 years. Together they have 2 kids, Whitley 6 and Brantley 4. Brandi and her family also own 4 dogs, Dixie, Raider, Cinch, and Dually. She has been an animal Tech for 6 years.

Fun Fact: Brandi doesn't like animal hair on her clothes and always carries a lent roller!

Riley has been with us since June of 2014. She has 2 kids, Grayson Duane, and Samantha Paige. Riley also has two pets, Zetta- a German Shepard, and Jackson- a black cat. She enjoys working for our clinic because she gets to help animals that can't help themselves.

 Fun Fact: Riley loves cats.

Riley Trotter

Johnny has been with us since May of 2014. Johnny has two daughters. He loves his job because of the people he works with and he gets to be around horses all day.

 Fun Fact: Before Johnny started working here, he had never been around horses.

Johnny Garza

Kristi Morris

Larry worked for the clinic before it was owned by Dr. Farr. When it comes to treating large animals, Larry knows what he's doing. He has a daughter named Jordan and a grandson named Javen. Larry wouldn't be anything without his little terrier mix, Flippy.

 Fun Fact: Larry is addicted to Craigslist

Larry Washington

Courtney J. Pace, DVM

Dr. Farr has owned the clinic since 1972. He grew up on what is now the Rocker B Ranch, and has a long family history in the Concho River area. From the time "Bud" was 3, he spent almost all of his time in a handmade saddle on the back of ranch mounts. If you can ever get him cornered, his stories of his raising are unbeatable. He became an officer in the US Army after graduating from Vet School, moved to Los Angeles, CA, and began working in food safety as a meat inspector. Upon relocation, Dr. Farr moved to Friona, TX and worked as a feedlot verterinarian for a period of time. He soon moved to Slaton, began working at the clinic in 1970, and eventually bought the business in 1972.

 He has two children as well as three grandsons. He has a soft spot for the Thoroughbred Racing Industry and loves to research pedigrees. Dr. Farr has also served on the Board of the Thouroughbred Breeders Association in the past.

 Dr. Farr loves his job because he is a true animal lover, and he gets to provide care to sick animals.

 Fun Fact: Dr. Farr can wrangle any wild/feral cat.


Veterinary Clinic

Tiffany has been at the clinic for 3 years and took over as Office Manager a little over a year ago. Tiffany has been happily married to Sidney for 17 years and has 3 kids, Taylor, Ashlee, and Blaine, and 2 grandchildren Bella and Julianna. She has rescued 2 cats and 1 dog from the clinic so far!!

Fun Fact: She has 3 legged cat named "Rotten"

I am an Animal Science major at Texas Tech University. I have three dogs, a husky named Bunny, a German Shepard named Tae, and a Great Pyrenees named Jack. Ashton is a large animal tech that enjoys her job and the love of horses!!

Fun Fact:

Peggy has been at the Vet clinic for about 3years. She is a kennel tech and just recently got married and excited about expecting her first child. She attends Animal Behavorial College majoring in grooming. She has three dogs and a parakeet!!

Fun Fact: She loves to bath matted dogs and sing Disney songs!

Cassandra started working front desk in 2017. She is happily married to Jacob and has 3 step children, JD, Jasmyn and Julianna. Cassandra and her family 6 dogs, Kevin Heart, Feo, Sol, Tootsie, Venom and Teddy Jack and 1 cat named Lu.

Fun fact: Cassandra loves all things Disney!

Brandi Wilson

Kylie Powers

Cassandra Vera

Peggy Harris

Kristi has worked for the clinic since 1995. She is happily married to her husband, Chuck, of 22 years. Together, they have 2 sons, Dylan and Rylan. Kristi and her family own 3 dogs; Sunshine, Sassy, and Dazzle. They also have a cat named Big Guy. Kristi also has show lambs that her oldest son shows in FFA.

 Fun Fact: Kristi loves to clean dog and cat ears. She was quoted as saying, "The dirtier, the better!"

Dr. Pace began working at the clinic in July of 2013. She was raised in the Ft. Worth area and loves spending time with family. When she graduated from Keller High School, Dr. Pace moved to College Station and became very involved with the Block and Bridal organization at Texas A&M University. Although she never liked spending time in the cutting room, she worked for the Meat Science department at the university and organized the notable Beef 101 Seminars.

 During college, her summers were spent back home as a technician in a few different Equine Specialty Clinics. Vet school further honed her interest in Equine Medicine and Surgery. After which, Dr. Pace spent a year at her internship in San Antonio and then moved to Slaton to join the ranks with Dr. Farr.

 Dr. Pace and her husband James have 5 dogs; Biscuit, Sister, Dora, Moose, and Mae West. They also have a Quarter Horse named Lizard and a Jersey Heifer named Belle. Dr. Pace loves her job because she gets to save animals, and interact with very special people. She has enjoyed getting to know the folks in West Texas and continues to develop lasting friendships.

 Fun Fact: Dr. Pace loves to dance and sing!!

Louis "Bud" Farr, DVM

Louis "Bud" Farr, DVM

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